June Programs

-Weekends Programs-

-Saturdays – 11 am – Ranger Led Hike *New Trails*

Guests are welcome to join a ranger led hike which will introduce them to Palmetto Island State Park. Hike will focus on the many plants and animals that call the park home. Hike will also provide information on the facilities and park itself. Guests will meet in the nature center.

*tours available during the week upon appointment (call 337-893-7047)

-Saturdays – 2 pm – Nature Center Fun Hour

Park guests of all ages are welcome to enjoy a fun filled activity in the nature center. Programs will vary each week and will include an activity such as wildlife bingo or arts and crafts. Call the nature center at 337-893-7047 for more information on the program of the week.


-Monthly Programs-

-Saturday June 14th  and July 12th – 8 pm – Night Hike

Grab your flashlight, bug spray and meet at the nature center at 8 p.m. Hike will take approximately one hour. Most of the park’s mammals, such as deer, are more active during the night at the park, so who knows what we may run into!

-Saturday June 14th and  July 12th – 12 pm – Dutch Oven Cooking

Grab your appetites and come enjoy a meal cooked by the local black iron pot group, Latanier cookers. It is free to attend but donations are always welcome.

-Sunday June 15th – 10:30 am – Archery at the Park

All are welcome to join the park staff for a day of archery fun. This is a great opportunity for archers of all levels to learn about the fundamentals of archery and to get some target practice. $5/ person, all materials will be provided by the staff. Registration is required by calling 337-893-7047 or email palmettoisland_int@crt.la.gov

-Saturday June 28th – 10am – 2pm – Geocaching Fun Day

Geocachers of all levels of experience are welcome to the park for an afternoon of park discovery. Experienced geocachers will be onsite to assist visitors. GPS enabled device is not required to participate. Call Shawn (337-254-5373) or Shannon (337-652-2484) for more info.

-Sunday July 6th – 1pm – ByYou Art Kids Painting Classes

Ages 7-14 $25/person, painting materials and snacks will be provided. Registration required. For more information call 337-652-2484 of email (friendsofpisp@yahoo.com)

-Sunday July 6th – 10 am – Guided Canoe Tour

Come join a ranger led guided canoe tour through Palmetto Island. Tour will include an introductory lesson on paddling, followed by a tour through the park’s three ponds. It is free to attend, but guests must pre-register by calling 337-893-7047 or email palmettoisland_int@crt.la.gov


Nature Center Summer Hours– Friday-Sunday 10am-4pm or by appointment (337-893-7047) *hours are subject to change*

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