Volunteer Positions Needed!


Interpretive Services

Available Volunteer Positions

 Palmetto Island State Park Volunteer Enrollment Form (2)

Nature Center

          This position is available Fridays, Saturdays and most holidays.  Volunteers in the nature center will available to answer questions about the park, maintain exhibits, keep track of visitor numbers and listen to stories told by park guests.


Trail Maintenance

          This position is available on Mondays and Tuesdays, but can take place at any time.  I try to accomplish trail work when park numbers are low and there is less traffic on the trails.  Volunteers helping with trails will assist in trimming vegetation, removing debris, adding rocks to trails and blowing off trails.  Volunteers will be required to undergo training for any equipment that they might utilize.


Interpretive Programs

          These activities usually occur on weekends, but may take place during the week during holiday seasons.  Volunteers helping with programs will assist the Interpretive Ranger or can lead programs in areas that they specialize in. Example: artist leading nature sketching. 


School Group Field Trips

          School field trips occur from August through May at the park.  Groups attend from private, public and home school organizations. Many times groups contain more than 100 students at a time.  Volunteers would be greatly appreciated to assist the interpretive ranger in making these trips more productive for students.  With volunteers groups could be broken down and more attention can be given to individuals and more hands on activities can take place.  Volunteers may be asked to manage the nature center, show films to students, lead arts and crafts, lead hikes or hand out supplies.  Volunteers for field trips may be asked to assist Monday through Friday.



Yes, we would love to track down every organism that lives in the park by ourselves, but it just isn’t feasible.  So if you enjoy taking it slow and identifying plants and animals lend us a hand.  The more we know about our park the more we educate out guests and area schools. 

 For more information or to volunteer for these positions please contact Alyson at 337-893-7047 or email at palmettoisland_int@crt.state.la.us


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